Ejaculate in pre sperm

Pre cum, or pre ejaculate if we're being fancy, is one of those things you know exists if you have sex with people with penises. But, chances are you probably don't know what it actually is. No shade meant - I write about sex stuff every day and up until approx two minutes ago didn't have a damn clue what precum actually is. Is it the same as full-on ejaculate? Can pre cum get you pregnant?
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What is pre-ejaculate or precum?

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Can You Get Pregnant from Pre-Cum? During Ovulation and More

This study was designed to establish whether motile spermatozoa are released with pre-ejaculatory fluid and whether this fluid therefore poses a risk for unintended pregnancy. Forty samples of pre-ejaculatory fluid were examined from 27 volunteer men. Samples were obtained by masturbation and by touching the end of the penis with a Petri dish prior to ejaculation. The volunteers produced on up to five separate occasions and sperms were found in either all or none of their pre-ejaculatory samples. Hence, condoms should continue to be used from the first moment of genital contact, although it may be that some men, less likely to leak spermatozoa in their pre-ejaculatory fluid, are able to practice coitus interruptus more successfully than others. Pre-ejaculatory fluid is released from the male urethra in amounts of up to 4 ml during sexual arousal, prior to ejaculation.
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Sperm content of pre-ejaculatory fluid

Pre-ejaculate, sometimes called precum, is a clear fluid that is released when a man becomes sexually aroused, but before he ejaculates. Pre-ejaculate fluid neutralizes any acidity left by urine in the urethra, protecting sperm that flows through. Men produce differing amounts of precum, from a few drops to about a teaspoon. Generally, the amount is nothing to worry about. In rare cases, men produce much more fluid, and there have been reports of men whose clothes are soiled when they become aroused.
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To understand the likelihood of pregnancy from precum pre-ejaculate , we first have to define the effectiveness of the pull-out method, the presence of sperm in precum, and for whom the withdrawal method is and is not recommended. No sperm, no problem. The withdrawal method is generally not considered a very effective form of birth control. Out of every people using only withdrawal as birth control, an estimated 20 to 27 of them will get pregnant within one year 1, 2.
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